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You have a product, what now?

Starting an online shop can be a daunting task, that’s where our team of developers come in. We will guide you on the best solutions within your budget. Step one in the process is to understand your product and target audience, by completing this step, we are able to recommend the most suitable technology. If you have a specific framework you would prefer we use, such as Magento or Woocommerce, we are more than happy to work within these requirements.

Once the technology has been chosen for your ecommerce website, we will put together a full functionality scoping document. This document will detail all the features of your new online shop. Once you are happy with all the features and quotation, we recommend confirming with your suppliers about product lead times, delivery logistics and choice of payment methods you would like implemented. From here it is smooth sailing, our team will complete the development whilst keeping updated at all phases of development.

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Online shopping is an ever-growing industry. With the expected spend of over R53bn in South Africa, the time is now to build a secure, easy to manage and user-friendly ecommerce website. Conversion on ecommerce websites is influenced by various different factors, among these factors is site performance and usability. If your website has been badly coded or it is not easy to use, this could mean the loss of a sale. Don’t let bad coding practices affect your bottom line, call our professional ecommerce development company today.

What we offer

Responsive design with easy navigation

Payment gateway integration

Product management

Automated email setup

Shopping cart functionality

Newsletter sign up

Responsive design with easy navigation

Payment gateway integration

Buyer journey tracking

Social media integration

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